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1. Intro to Voiceover Workshops

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What You’ll Learn:
Mike & Heidi introduce another veteran VO talent, Brian Bremer, who takes you through the most comprehensive introduction to the world of voiceover that you'll find anywhere. You’ll be taken through the basics of voice performance & technique, what it takes to be a successful VO talent, an overview of different VO genres, the business of VO, agents & pay-to-plays, what steps to take next, and so much more.

Included in the workshop is a pdf "workbook" for taking notes, a list of next steps and resources for pursuing a VO career.

2. Training Classes and Coaching

Offered through this site:

*10 Tips to Help You Build a Full Time VO Career w/Mike & Heidi — you’ll receive a video download breaking down the 10 Tips PLUS a PDF workbook to help guide you.
*Learn Adobe Audition or Learn Audacity - when you record auditions, you want them to sound the best that they can be! James Younger will help you understand everything you need to know to submit a technically great sounding audition and wow your agent or client.
* Basic Home Studio Set Up - this will give you a great place to begin as you think about setting up your home studio.
* Train w/any of our private coaches to help you practice the craft of voiceover.
**More training will become available soon!

3. Become Ready To Record Your Commercial Demo

As talent, we've been burned before, so we never want that to happen to you. Demos are one of the biggest investments in your VO business; and you MUST consider yourself a small biz owner, in addition to being a talent. It's vital that you first get all the training you can get to prepare for recording a demo. The demo recording process will be fun, but it will also be a workout! So only get it made when you’re ready. Why? So you’ll be able to recoup that money by getting agents and booking. How do you know when you're ready? Our coaches know and can hear it. But you can also click **HERE** to see how we know you're ready. (It's a link to our sister VO company who does this every day.) For most, as a beginner and on average, we've found it takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months of training - classes or with a private coach - depending on how much YOU put into it. You can find demo samples on the above link, and what we think you need to be able to do to be ready.)

Become ready to record your commercial demo by private coaching with veteran talent/ coaches, Brian Bremer or Trevor Johns!

4. Setup Studio

Your home studio is one of the other big expenses that you’ll have as you venture out as a voiceover talent/entrepreneur. Remember, you’re building a business! Instead of a brick & mortar store, you have your home studio.

The Home Studio Setup course is set up to take the frustration and guesswork out of setting up your home studio. The video will break it all down into bite-size pieces. And you’ll get a bunch of BONUSES.

OR, you can talk to an engineer 1-on-1. Our engineer will help guide and answer any questions you may have — everything from helping make your space ready to record to equipment to all the tech questions that come to mind. Book a consultation with Dan by going to the link below. Links to equipment are also below.

5. Submit to Agents

After you get your demo made and you feel like you’ve got some good understanding of your voice and the craft of VO, you’ll want to submit to agents! If you get your demo made with us, then you’ll get a PDF of “next steps” which includes how to submit to agents. We’ll have more information become available to help guide you soon! But in the meantime, you can always book time with a private coach to help you in what to do!

6. Marketing and Business

New information to help guide and direct you so that you’re not wasting your time will be coming soon! Please check back