• People have told me I have a good voice and should do voiceovers. Where do I start?

    If you’re brand new to the voiceover world and have never had any experience, then click on the "START HERE" in the menu and sign up for the INTRO TO VO Workshop. We made sure that the INTRO TO VO Workshop video is the most comprehensive that you'll find anywhere. Some of what you'll learn is: * a 30,000-foot view of the voiceover industry and what genres are available to you * the basics of voice performance & technique * what it takes to be a successful VO talent * the business of voiceover * and you’ll receive practical experience as you'll go over a script, with tips to help. THIS is the very beginning of your jump into the VO world! Classes and/or private coaching will be your next step. After that, you can go back to "START HERE" in the menu to go to Step 2.

  • Does ProVoiceOverTraining.com help students find jobs?

    We are primarily a teaching/instructional studio that also writes and produces commercial/narration/IVR demos with our sister company, the Atlanta Voiceover Studio. We do not provide jobs, nor can we promise anyone will book a job. In our classes, we help each student understand that their VO career is a business…their business, and that it’s their responsibility to treat it as such. We give each student the tools they need to start their career in this field, progress, and answer any questions that will help them kick off this exciting business!

  • If I have general voiceover questions, where do I go to find out the answers?

    If it's not on this FAQ page, or on the "Start Here" page, you can always click on the blue quote button at the bottom right of each page on this site and ask a question. Or you can email our administrator, Hunter, admin@atlantavoiceoverstudio.com with any site-related voiceover questions!

  • Does ProVoiceoverTraining.com offer private coaching?

    We do, through our sister company, the Atlanta Voiceover Studio. We have a team of industry professionals who have been vetted and can help you. Click here for more information or to schedule a Zoom session with one of our instructors. (FYI: Typically, most coachings around the country are via phone, Skype or Zoom.).

  • I’m new to VO and need a demo made…where can I do that?

    If you’re brand new to this industry, our advice is to tell you to wait until you're ready! First off, we have not met anyone who was new to VO who was ready to make a demo immediately. Most, if not all, are not ready to make a demo. AND if you were to choose us to create your demo, we're NOT here to simply take your money. Our GOAL is to make sure you have the tools to: 1) be ready; and, 2) know that you have the experience, technique and training to handle direction as soon as you step into the booth. Creating a demo is a big investment. If you were to record a demo as you're beginning...and THEN you begin getting training, then within 6 months you'd need a new demo because you’d have learned so much and will have gotten so much better. It would have you kicking yourself for spending so much too soon! We are here for you and want to see you succeed. Sometimes that includes saying, “you’re not ready yet.” But we can help you get there! When you're ready, we can most likely work out how to get that done.

  • What type of demos do you offer?

    We record talent in person in Atlanta, GA. We specialize in commercial, narration/industrial and IVR demos. If you're in a different state, then we can work out logistics when the time comes. For more information, you can email admin@atlantavoiceoverstudio.com

  • Where’s a good place to find industry standard VO rates?

    You can go to GVAA for a full list - it’s called the GVAA Rate Guide, and it’s a fantastic resource. There’s also a good rate sheet on the SAG/AFTRA site for what the union rates are. Click here for a link to our blog and quick reference on standard VO rates guidelines. Or you can go to GVAA for a full list. There’s also a good rate sheet on the SAG/AFTRA site for what the union rates are.